5 How to Know Someone Else’s Twitter Email is Correct and Accurate

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Want to contact someone via email but don’t know the address? Check out how to find out other people’s Twitter emails below!

Have you ever wanted to contact someone via email to establish a cooperative relationship, but you don’t know their email address, only know their Twitter account?

Contacting someone to do a cooperative relationship will indeed bring a more professional impression if done via email.

Especially, if you bring the name of a large office or company to contact that person.

But the problem is, the email address is one of the data that cannot be shared arbitrarily, because it is related to privacy and security.

So, what can you do to contact that person?

Here we present 5 ways to find out other people’s Twitter emails.

1. Check the bio

Check the bio

This is the most simple way.

Although the email address is rarely mentioned in the bio because it is related to privacy and security, there are also those who display it in the bio because it is specifically intended to receive business cooperation or for other purposes.

If it’s not listed in the bio, then you can do the second method.

2. DM and ask for the email directly

You could say, this method is the most effective than the other methods.

First, don’t forget to say hello before conveying your needs.

“Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening/evening.”

Then, politely ask for an email address and explain what you’re asking for the email address for.

If you do ask politely and clearly state the purpose, then who can refuse your request?

3. Search on other social media account profiles

Search on other social media account profiles

Today, it seems impossible for a Twitter user to not have another social media account.

If you don’t find the email address in the Twitter bio, you can try looking for other social media accounts of that person, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or others.

It could be, he uses the same username for other social media accounts.

And it could be, he posted his email address there.

4. Check the website if there is one

When you check the Twitter bio of the person you want to know the email address for, if the website address is listed, you can try visiting it.

Look for an “about”, “about”, “contact us” page, or something similar. Most likely on that page he listed his email address for business purposes.

5. Guess the email on the “Forgot password?” page

If you’ve tried the methods above and haven’t been able to find the person’s Twitter email, you may be able to guess the email in the following way:

  • Step #1: Open Twitter.com in your browser.
  • Step #2: Click Sign In.
  • Step #3: On the login page, click Forgot password? as in the image below:

Forgot password twitter

  • Step #4: Then, enter the username in the field provided, then click Search.

username twitter

  • Step #5: After that, the following page will appear.

username twitter 1

On that page, there are a few initials from the account owner’s email. Maybe you can guess from the initials given.

Well, that’s 5 ways to find out other people’s email addresses that you can do, maybe your friends, business colleagues, or people you want to work with.

Of these ways, we suggest you use the 2nd method, because you don’t have to fiddle with other people’s Twitter accounts, guessing email addresses that can be wrong and inaccurate.

By asking it directly, in a polite way and with a clear purpose, then the person will be happy to give it.

Originally posted 2021-09-10 21:41:29.

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