How to Download Songs on iPhone, Easy For You To Do !!

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How to Download Songs on iPhone – One of the most common ways to download songs on your iPhone is to use iTunes, but there are other options for downloading music on your iPhone as well.

iPhone forbids its users to download illegal files including Mp3.

Even so, you can use various free music provider applications that you can download on the App Store.

These various applications certainly offer advantages and features of each. One of them is the free song download feature with high quality.

By downloading it now you can listen to the song at any time even without an internet connection.

1. How to Download Songs on iPhone via Apple Music

1. How to Download Songs on iPhone via Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the official music applications released by Apple itself. This application is usually already on your iPhone device so you don’t need to download it first.

But actually this Apple Music application is a paid application. But you can use this app for free for the first 3 months.

So you just have to download as many songs as possible within the first 3 months.

How to download songs on iPhone with Apple Music is very easy, you just need to open your Apple Music application then find the song you want, after that select add on the song selection then click the download button.

Apple Music itself claims that it is superior to Spotify in terms of the song catalog. Where Apple Music is rumored to have about 40 million songs, while Spotify only has about 30 million songs.

2. How to Download Songs on iPhone via Spotify

Spotify is a music application that allows its users to listen to songs online and offline.

Spotify comes with a catalog of millions of songs that are ready to be enjoyed by its users.

In addition, Spotify also provides various interesting features such as adding songs to playlists, adding songs to the next playlist, and downloading songs.

It’s not enough to stop there, on the settings page the user can also adjust the quality of the music produced for streaming or downloading.

To be able to use Spotify, you can download it at the Apple Store for iOS-based smartphones and through the Google Play Store for Android.

In addition, you can also access Spotify through its website.

Similar to Apple Music, Spotify is also a paid application but you can also enjoy this application for free with applicable conditions.

You can also listen to your favorite songs through Spotify offline.

Here’s how to download songs on iPhone with Spotify:

  • Open the Spotify app.
  • Find the song you want to download.
  • Click the 3 dots icon next to the song title.
  • Select Add to Playlists.

Add to Playlists

  • Open the Playlist then click Download.

kemudian klik Download

  • Finished. Now you can listen to the song offline.

3. How to Download Songs on iPhone with Joox

Not much different from Apple Music and Spotify, Joox is also present as a music streaming application.

Besides being used for streaming music, it turns out that Joox also presents a Download feature that you can use to download songs and enjoy them offline.

So we include Joox as one of the best song download applications.

Joox also claims that they come with millions of song collections that are considered complete. Both songs come from the ranks of local and even world artists.

Joox has a variety of interesting music streaming features, such as Top Charts, Editor’s Picks, Free Radio, New Releases, and many more.

If you are interested in using Joox, you can download it first on the App Store.

To be able to enjoy songs on Joox offline, you can download the song for free in the following ways:

  • Open the Joox application.
  • Find and select the song you want to download.
  • Tap the Download button on the Joox display.

Tap the Download button

  • Finished.

By using one of the applications above, you can now enjoy songs offline on your iPhone.



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