How to Create a Thread on Twitter with Explanations and Examples !!

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Want to make a thread on Twitter but still not sure how? Check out the following reviews: how to create a thread, what a thread is, and what are some examples.

As a Twitter kid, have you ever heard of the term thread, cult, or chain tweet?

Well, here we will discuss many things about threads or chain tweets.

You must have also heard the horror story of the Dancing Village that went viral recently?

Well, the story was originally presented in the form of a thread on Twitter, which was eventually retold by many YouTubers and even discussed on television.

But, until now you are still confused. What is a thread? How to make it? And what are some examples?

No need to worry, because the following is a complete review of this thread or cult.

What Are Twitter Threads?

Threads, threads, kultwit (Twitter lectures), or threads, it’s the same thing, chain tweets.

A thread is a continuous series of tweets made by someone.

Or in another language called kultwit. Kultwit stands for “Twitter lectures”. It is called so because this cult is a series of tweets that discuss one particular topic. If abroad, this trend is called tweetstorm.

Well, considering the limited number of characters that can be contained in one tweet, only 280 characters, even though Twitter users sometimes need a larger portion to share something, they outsmart it by creating this thread.

So, they make a lot of tweets that cover the same topic, then they connect those tweets in their own way.

Usually, they create a thread by adding the hashtag #kultwit or #thread as a sign that they are posting a thread.

In addition, Twitter users also usually add numbering in each tweet to make it easier for people to read threads in sequence.

If they want to add another tweet, then they do it manually, by searching for the last connection and then clicking Reply.

Recently, however, Twitter has introduced a new feature that makes it easier to create and manage threads.

It also sees how this cult trend is getting more and more popular in the Twitter world and is indeed quite effective for sharing something on a particular topic.

Reporting from the Twitter Help Center, with this thread feature, we can provide additional context, updates, or additional points by linking multiple tweets together.

How to Create a Thread on Twitter

Now, how do I create a thread on Twitter? Is this feature available in the Twitter app version on Android or iOS? How about the tips?

Actually, you don’t even need a tutorial, how to make this thread is very easy to do. You can see the following GIF upload from Twitter is enough.

Let me see!

But, if you are still confused, here we present 2 tutorials that are short, fast, and easy to understand.

By using a cellphone and laptop, you can just adjust it to the device you are using.

1. Create a Thread on HP

If you use a cellphone, both Android and iPhone, then first install the Twitter application on your cellphone.

If so, immediately follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Open the Twitter app and login to your account.
  • Step #2: Tap the tweet button at the bottom-right.

  • Step #3: Type the first tweet as usual.
  • Step #4: To compose the next tweet, tap the (+) symbol at the bottom right.

  • Step #5: Type the second tweet. And so on until the last tweet.
  • Step #6: To delete a tweet, all you have to do is tap the X symbol next to the tweet.

  • Step #7: When the thread is finished, tap Tweet all to post it.

  • Step #8: If you’ve already posted it, but want to add another new tweet to the thread, you just have to open the thread that was posted earlier, then tap Add another tweet.

How easy, right?

2. Create a Thread on the Laptop

If you want to create a Twitter thread on a laptop or PC, then follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Open in your laptop browser, then login to your account.
  • Step #2: Click the What’s going on? to make the first tweet.
  • Step #3: To add a second series of tweets, click the (+) symbol.

  • Step #4: A pop-up will appear. Then, type a second tweet. And so on to add a series of new tweets to completion.

  • Step #5: To delete a tweet, all you have to do is click the tweet and then click the X symbol next to the tweet.

  • Step #6: When the thread is finished, just click Tweet all to post it.

  • Step #7: If the tweet has been posted and you want to add a new series of tweets, you just have to open the thread, then click Add another tweet.

How, easy too, right?

The Most Popular Types of Threads on Twitter

Until now, the trend of creating threads is still rife by Twitter users. In fact, several types of threads became the prima donna so that it became viral.

Of course, you must remember the horror story of the Dancer Village which was originally presented in the form of a Twitter thread, until finally it was so viral that it was broadcast on television.

The virality of the story of course also boosted the popularity of the trend of writing threads on Twm Yt Hitter.

Not only horror stories, there are many types of threads that people are interested in, making it easier to go viral and popular.

What’s the list? Here are the most popular types of threads on Twitter along with examples for you to inspire.

1. Comedy

Who doesn’t like humor or comedy? Everyone will like it, especially if it is presented in the form of a thread, which consists of short tweets so that it is easier to read.

So no doubt, comedy threads are often viral on Twitter. Threads can be presented in the form of funny stories, compilations of funny videos, collections of jokes, and so on.

Any examples? There’s this…

2. Horror Story

If that’s the case, there’s no need to ask again. Since the viral story of the Dancer Village, there have been many Twitter users who have joined in making horror story threads.

Many people like horror stories because they bring their own sensation when reading them, because most of the threads that are delivered are based on true stories.

For example, you don’t have to be grandiose, just read the story of the Dancing Village, you’ll get goosebumps!

3. Tips & Tricks

Now, tips & tricks content is rife everywhere, on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, to Twitter.

On Twitter, tips & tricks content can be presented in the form of threads. Many people like content like this because in their spare time, they can still get new information in the form of tips about something.

For example:

4. Self Development

If you like inspirational motivational quotes, then this type of thread is perfect for you.

The concept of Twitter whose content is dominated by text, so sharing motivational words, brief insights about business, financial management, foreign language tips, and the like must be very fun and useful.

With this, we can also provide alternative quality content, weighty, but still interesting.

There are many examples. One of them:

5. Breaking News

Reading news is mostly done in mainstream media, such as Kompas, Detik, television stations, and the like.

However, reading on Twitter sometimes presents unique news that is rarely presented in mainstream media.

The ease of disseminating information on Twitter is also very supportive for creating breaking news threads.

The spread of news is also accelerated with many Twitter users taking the initiative to retweet news threads that should be spread.


Well, that’s it guys.

We just talked about threads on Twitter or better known as kultwit or serial tweets.

Starting from the understanding, how to create a thread, and the types of threads that are often viral on Twitter.

If you’ve managed to create a thread on Twitter, don’t forget to share it in the comments column, OK!

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